live at the maisel



We want each of you to be able to flourish at MAISEL, therefore, outside of class…

Each of you, this implies, that everyone can feel good in their accommodation, the common areas, and on campus, during the day, but also at night!

Each of you has a different story and coming together to discuss, help each other, have fun and understand each other is the mission we have set for ourselves.

It can only be successful if everyone puts their own effort into it.

Respecting the rules is essential for living well together.

They are not put in place to disturb you, but solely for the comfort and safety of all.

We contribute at our level to your well-being but the essential part of this mission is carried out with you and for you.

Every year, new students arrive in our two schools IMT-BS and TSP and each year we organize a presentation of living together at MAISEL.

At your disposal, MAISEL intro 2023_en in the amphitheater at the start of the school year.

It is very targeted on security, which is the main problem on campus because every year some people do not follow the instructions and leave the possibility for strangers to enter the premises and cause both material and physical damage.

For this WELL LIVING TOGETHER AT HOME we offer you:


  • 7 buildings including
  • 1 near Evry Courcouronnes station Accommodation: Room, Studio and some shared accommodation (only for 2nd years)
  • Living spaces designed for your comfort
  • A community center open 24 hours a day