La MAISEL SudParis is approved, you can receive housing assistance to enable you to reduce the amount of your fee; this aid is paid by the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales), It is calculated based on your personal situation and your resources (and not those of your parents).

The construction rules set by the DDE (Direction Départementale de l’Equipement) define the type of aid associated with each MAISEL building : ALS (Social Housing Allowance) ou APL (Personalized Housing Allowance).

  • l’ALS concerns buildings U1 à U4 (Accomodations « MAISEL 1 »)
    l’ALS is paid directly on student’s bank account.

    The amount of the ALS is approximately €87 or €114 for scholarship students (January 2022 values ​​for information purposes only, see Tarifs).

  • l’APL concerns buildings U5, U6 & U7 (Accomodations « MAISEL 2 » « MAISEL 3 » « MAISEL 4 »)
    l’APL is collected directly by La MAISEL and is deducted from your fee. 

    For the U5 building, the amount of the APL is approximately €210 or €258 for scholarship students (January 2022 values ​​for information purposes only, see Tarifs) ; for buildings U6 and U7, see Tarifs for the corresponding APL amounts.

Step by step how to apply for housing assistance on the CAF website

It’s up to you to compete the process yourself; request ar made online on the company website CAF

The files are taken into account form the date of the request but the month of your arrival does not give right to housing assistance, the calculation of the assistance starts the following month.

ALS or APL payments are monthly; Housing tips is only taken into account from the month following the date of your request and the first payment is made retroactively within approximately 2 months.

We therefore advise you to make your request in the month of your arrival at La MAISEL, before the last day of the month ; it will then be up to you to follow the progress of your file using your confidential identifiers which will be communicated to you by the CAF.