My Réservation

Directly on the site, Book section at la maisel, follow the procedure indicated

Chek that you are part of the award criteria

  • Make a request
  • Register using your scool registration email and passoword
  • Choose your accomodation after having provided all your information, and pay the €200 deposit

The reservation dates will be indicated on the site (Reserve tab + choose your course)  from June for September intake


During the school year, at any time, directly on the site


Upon receipt and validation of your deposit, you will receive a confirmation email

It is a natural person (friend, third party, relative) agreeing to pay your fee in the event of default on your part. A solvent person (not a student) whose income can cover your unpaid rental fee.

Yes, to have the possibility of being accommodated at MAISEL SUDPARIS.

No, MAISEL SUDPARIS does not accept these guarantors.

Yes, depending on availability at MAISEL SUDPARIS.

To do this, you must be a student, intern, doctoral student, etc. from Telecom Paris or IMT-BS.

Yes, by email

Yes, under conditions, please send your request to

Mon logement

Bed, Cupboard, Bookcase, Desk, Table, Chair, Fridge

  • Crockery and kitchen utensils
  • Personal effects
  • Kettle, coffee maker
  • Toiletries, hairdryer

Restricted amperage in the bedrooms. You can’t bring in any household appliances (microwave oven, hob, etc.) or you’ll blow a fuse.

Cookers, rice cookers and other appliances should be used in communal kitchens.


For a monthly subscription to the MiNet association, you can use the ethernet connection and wifi in your home.

It is a collective heating system which is currently (national obligation) set at a maximum of 19°C.

Yes, each apartment has a private shower room.

Pets are not allowed in the MAISEL or in the apartments.

Guests are not allowed to stay at the MAISEL SUDPARIS, except by special permission.

As a member of the MAISEL SUDPARIS, you are entirely responsible for keeping your accommodation clean.

A leaflet will be sent to you to help you with your regular household chores.

MAISEL SUDPARIS gives you the opportunity to buy a bedding kit (40€) (new)

It includes :

2 fitted sheets

2 flat sheets

1 pillow

2 pillow covers

We’ll lend you a blanket if you need one, but these days most of you bring a duvet with your duvet covers.


Si besoin, nous te prêterons une couverture, mais de nos jours la plupart d’entre-vous amène une couette avec ses housses de couette.

Yes, we do offer some PRM accommodation, please email

to request.

The technical department of MAISEL SUDPARIS will take care of this.

Inquiries should be sent to

Any damage will be charged to the member on presentation of invoices or according to the repair rate table.

It’s right here!

My stay

Visits are not allowed.

You can get an idea of the accommodation by visiting the MAISEL SUDPARIS website.

Any change during the year is possible, subject to availability.

In this case, an inventory will be made on departure and a new inventory will be made for your new accommodation.

An inventory of fixtures (EDL) is a form that describes your entire accommodation (rooms, walls, fixtures) and on which you indicate the condition of each element.

It is completed upon your arrival and is then compared upon your departure (including any repairs by technicians).

In case of visible damages between the two states, it may be used by MAISEL SUDPARIS to invoice you for returning the accommodation to the initial condition of your arrival inventory.

If we receive an email from you requesting cancellation, we will take this into account and you must give one month’s notice before your departure.

Yes, you can leave your accommodation (after completing the check-out inventory).

In this specific case, your last rent will be charged until the end of the notice period, and if there are any damages, they will be added to this billing.

It is possible, but strongly discouraged.

No disputes will be possible.

If you wish to leave your accommodation before the end date of your rental contract:

Send an email requesting departure (the departure is the date of the email + 1 month’s notice)

Make an appointment to do an exit inventory on the day of your departure.

on the date your rental contract ends:

Make an appointment to do an exit inventory (to be arranged with MAISEL SUDPARIS)

My payments

A deposit of €200 is required by credit card at the time of booking.

This amount will be deducted from your first rent.

If you do not proceed with the reservation, it will not be refunded.

The amount of rent depends on the type of accommodation you choose.

Here are the prices!


Your rent includes energy charges:

  •     Electricity
  •     Heating
  •     Water
  •     Household waste tax

It also includes (separate line) your monthly membership fee to MAISEL SUDPARIS

The potential memberships to other campus associations.

Any damages caused by you.

You will pay the rents between the 5th and the 7th of the month.

The payment methods are:

  •     Direct debit
  •     Credit Card
  •     Bank Transfer
  •     By cheque
  •     Cash (for the first two months on arrival) until a bank account is opened

You will pay:

  •     Your deposit (€600, refundable on departure subject to conditions)
  •     Your registration fees
  •     Your rent
  •     Your membership fee
  •     Your possible parking space
  •     Your possible membership of campus associations (especially MiNet for internet access)

About the application fee and registration

The deposit is a guarantee for MAISEL SUDPARIS in case of damage or unpaid rent on your departure.

It amounts to 600 €.

It will be refunded in full or reduced by any damages or outstanding payments one month after your departure by bank transfer.

Housing Assistance

This is a financial aid for housing provided by the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales).

You may be eligible for a housing allowance if you meet certain conditions.

You simply need to log in to the website and follow the instructions.

CAF: Aid and Procedures”



On the CAF website, you can perform a SIMULATION.

During the month in which you move into your accommodation.

Careful! If you are arriving at the end of the month, you must apply before midnight on the last day of that month!

Otherwise your assistance will be allocated from the following month.

Indeed, CAF only pays per full month of stay

Yes, housing assistance is available whether you live in shared accommodation or on your own.

You should only declare your own income.

There are two types of housing assistance:

  • ALS

    Students accommodated in buildings U1-U2-U3 and U4 receive ALS, so    they directly receive the housing allowance.

  • APL

 Students accommodated in buildings U5-U6 and U7 receive APL, so the landlord (Maisel SudParis) receives the housing allowance and deducts it from the student’s rent.