Waste sorting - Environment

Every day…I reduce, I sort, I recycle !

Every year the Ile-de-France region produces 30 million tonnes of waste. Around 350 kg per inhabitant.

Reduce, sort, recycle your waste: To limit our impact on the environment and preserve our planet, every action counts.

How to sort your waste ?

Waste collectors are available all year round.

To make your daily life easier, the sorting bins are located near your accommodation and practical containers are available for transporting your waste. A yellow bag is available from the technical services.

Are you unsure about how to sort your waste ?


Consult the Evry sorting protocols


Specific waste to recycle ?

Batteries, ink cartridges, light bulbs, electrical and electronic equipment: some stores have collection points where you can drop them off.

What if we reduced our waste ?

The best waste is the one you do not produce.

Here are some ideas and good plans for reducing waste:


  • Do you have old things or clothes that you no longer use at the bottom of your wardrobe? Give them a second life by giving them to someone who needs them or to the

    Friper’Int Gate


  • Are your household product bottles multiplying in your kitchen? Start making your own cleaning products at home. More ecological and less expensive, you can clean all your surfaces with just a few ingredients.

  • Overripe fruit or vegetables in your fridge? Make compotes, crumbles, pâtés or fritters!

  • Contact is equipped with a device for collecting organic waste: compost. If you want to compost your waste, contact the Uni’Vert Association Uni.vert91tmspint@gmail.com