How to join MAISEL?

You have therefore already made your accommodation request which has been accepted.

Now, you need to prepare your membership file to be a member of MAISEL SUDPARIS.

This file must be completely constituted so that you can collect your keys on the day of your arrival, so check twice that you have all the elements listed below!


Chek list :

    1. Download and complete the personal and joint guarantor declaration form (1)
    2. Provide a photocopy of your guarantor’s identity document
    3. Provide your rental insurance certificate for MAISEL housing Maisel
    4. for €600 corresponding to the security deposit payable to  MAISEL SudParis except in the event of readmission for the following school year (2). Prepare or established :
      1. a check
      2. a transfert (request the RIB by email – – provide de proof of the transfert made)
      3. or in cash
    5. Provide a RIB (2)
    6. If you wish to pay your fees by direct debit, download the SEPA Direct Debit Mandat to be completed and signed by the holder of account.
    7. If you want secure car parking, provide a photocopy of your vehicule’s registration certificate ; if you want underground parking in building U6, issue a deposit check of €50 for the issuer (not cashed)
    8. If your are a minor, download and complet the minor liability release form
    9. If your are not a student of IMT-BS, à TSP or l’ENSIIE, provide a photocopy of your student ard or a school certificate

(1) Guarantors (natural persons) not residing in France are accepted under the terms of the Declaration of commitment of a personal and joint guarantor.

(2) Students who do not have a bank account in France will have to open an account after settling in; payment of the security deposit will be made in cash or by credit card on the day of their arrival at MAISEL SudParis.


Remember to release your monthly banking limit in advance if necessary…


Special rules for arivals on particular dates:

Each fortnight is due but a special adjustment is set in order for you to avoid to pay for a full fortnight

depending on the dates of your arrival and departure: