Housing subsidies
Article published on 12 March 2022
last modification on 12 May 2022

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Since the Maisel SudParis is government agreed, you might get housing subsidies in order to reduce your housing fee ; these subsidies are credited by the organism CAF (for Caisse d’Allocations Familiales). The amount of the subsidies depends on your personal incomes and situation.

Maisel buildings are classified according to construction rules which define the type of housing subsidies associated to each building : ALS (Allocation de Logement à caractère Social) or APL (Allocation Personnalisée au Logement)..

  • ALS subsidy concerns buildings U1 to U4 (Housing « MAISEL 1 »)
    ALS is directly credited to your bank account.

    The amount of the ALS is roughly € 87 or € 114 for french scholarship holders (effective january 2022, see Housing rates).

  • APL subsidy concerns buildings U5, U6 & U7 (Housing « MAISEL 2 », « MAISEL 3 » and « MAISEL 4 » respectively)
    APL is credited to the Maisel and deduced from your housing fee.

    For U5, the amount of the APL is roughly € 210 or € 258 for french scholarship holders (effective january 2022, see Housing rates); for U6 and U7 studios, the corresponding APL amounts are detailed in our Housing rates.

CAF application file

This is your responsability to apply for housing subsidies which must be carried out online to the CAF website

ALS and APL payments are credited monthly; be aware that there is no subsidy for the month of your arrival, subsidies are always calculated from the next month following your CAF application but are credited at least 2 month later the first time due to file process delay.

So we advise you to set your CAF file during the first month of your arrival, but before the last day of the month; then, you will have to follow the status of your file regularly by connecting yourself to your personal account with your CAF given confidential idents.

Do not apply for housing subsidies on the CAF website prior to checking in the Maisel !
since your CAF application will be wrong without the specific information we will give to you when checking in the Maisel.

Please note that you are responsible for the full payment of your housing fees, whatever you might not get housing subsidies or in case of delayed subsidy payments due to CAF process which is sole french government responsibility.
Plan your housing budget accordingly.

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