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Article published on 12 March 2022
last modification on 13 March 2022

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Please first report to section Applying for housing in order to register your admission to the MAISEL SudParis.
If your admission is validated, you must set up your adhesion file to have ready on the day of your arrival at the MAISEL SudParis.

Adhesion file set up

  1. Download and fill out the Guarantor commitment certificate to be signed by your guarantor (1)
  2. Provide a printed copy of passport or ID official card of your guarantor
  3. If you wish to rent a parking space in our secure parking lots, please provide a copy of your car registration certificate; for the underground parking lot (building U6) only, there will be a 50 € deposit for the controlled access device.
  4. Provide a 500 € cheque for the room security deposit to the benefit of MAISEL SudParis (*)
  5. Provide your bank account details (2)

(1) Foreign Guarantors are accepted in respect to the conditions of the Guarantor commitment certificate.

(2) Students who do not have a French bank account yet will have to pay the security deposit by cash or credit card on the day of their arrival at the MAISEL SudParis, and will have to open a French bank account a soon as possible : having a French bank account is compulsory since the security deposit (cashed when you check-in) is refundable after check-out by bank transfer only.


  • Registration fee (80 €) shall be charged on your 1st invoice.
  • Booking deposit paid on line (200 €) shall be deduced from the housing fee of your 1st invoice.
  • Management costs are applicable in case of payment by cheque or cash starting with the 3rd invoice.
  • We recommend that you pay your invoices by credit card or direct debit.
  • If you choose the direct debit : Please meet the Maisel accountant at the MAISEL office with your French bank account details; you will have to sign a SEPA mandat (authorization for the MAISEL to debit your bank account); if the French bank account is not yours, the holder of the account must be present to sign the SEPA mandat.

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