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MAISEL SudParis Operating Charter

approved by the General Meeting of the 24th of June 1997
amended on February 4, 2010


The main mission of the MAISEL SudParis, a non-profit making association governed by the Law of the 1 st of July, is to welcome the School’s students in the establishments for which it is responsible and provide them with moral and financial assistance to ensure that they enjoy optimum living conditions during their time at the School. To enable its members to develop their activities harmoniously, the MAISEL SudParis Association, in accordance with its statutes, has decided to establish among its members an "Operating Charter" to which each of them must individually adhère. This is the purpose of the present agreement.


Given the very large number of students likely to adhere to its statutes and the mobility which is required of them in the course of their studies, a situation which makes it difficult for them in practice to participate directly in the operational bodies of the Association, their representation on the Board of Directors by seven members directly elected by them in accordance with the procedure indicated below is instituted within MAISEL SudParis :


The President of the TELECOM & Management SudParis Student Union, elected by the students of the Schools, is an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors, provided that (s)he adheres to the present Charter.

The six other representatives of the students on the Board of Directors are elected at the start of the second term of each academic year, in accordance with the clauses of article 9 of the statutes, by the students’ assembly (to the exclusion of all other persons), provided that the persons concerned are correctly enrolled as students of Telecom & Management SudParis, are members of the Association and have paid their subscription.


Members undertake to pursue within MAISEL SudParis the purposes of the Association, in compliance with the principles of secularism, education and the development of fundamental liberties.

Equally, members undertake to respect the persons called upon to work and live within MAISEL SudParis, and in particular the Association’s personnel, and to guarantee, by fair behaviour, respect for collective and individual property and the rights of each person.

Members acknowledge that they have received a copy of the Statutes of the Association, and undertake to comply with these Statutes in every respect, subject to the consequences indicated therein.


Members undertake to pay an annual subscription. For requests for accommodation not exceeding 20 days, this shall be calculated in proportion to the number of days spent at MAISEL. The amount of this subscription is determined by the Board of Directors.

Subscriptions paid cannot be reimbursed.

Membership may also be terminated at the Association’s initiative for the reasons and under the conditions specified in the statutes.

The decision of the member or the Association to terminate the agreement to adhere to the present Charter leads de jure, without prior judicial authorisation, to the loss of membership of the Association with ail ensuing legal consequences.


In return for membership and the benefits it procures in every respect, members shall pay a fee if they receive accommodation through MAISEL.
The amount of the fee is set each year by the Board of Directors of the Association; members or future members are informed of this fee.

The fee is payable to the association acting in this capacity, each month on the due date, and at the latest on the last day of the month concerned.

Failing payment of the fee or of any other billed charge, one week after a formal demand made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt which has gone unheeded, the member may lose his/her membership of the association and will not subsequently be able to demand the application of this OPERATING CHARTER to his/her benefit.
In the event of repeated failure to pay, the member may be expelled by rights by a decision of the Committee of the Association, and must immediately leave the establishments for which the Association is responsible.

Members receiving accommodation through MAISEL must give one month’s prior notice if they leave (unless special dispensation is granted by the Committee of the Association). If this prior notice is not given, the member must pay the fee for the month concerned.


Generally speaking, MAISEL makes available to all its members the shared or partly shared premises and equipment within its establishments, under such conditions as permit regular and constant normal use.

The premises made available to the members include the Association’s equipment and furniture.

As regards the equipment of the individual rooms, an inventory is made available to the member using the room. This is then appended to the administrative temporary allocation sheet which is signed by the member and countersigned by the Director of MAISEL SudParis.

In accordance with its means, MAISEL provides’ the hot and cold water necessary for a normal existence, and energy (electricity), together with access to the telephone network.


The member is free to participate in the activities of the Association, within the limits of the means at its disposal, and more particularly subject to compliance with the commitments it has made towards third parties.


At the time of arrival at Telecom & Management SudParis, if a member has opted for accommodation assistance, temporary living accommodation will be assigned by the Director of MAISEL SudParis subject to the following conditions, which (s)he undertakes to comply with:

• prior signing of an administrative allocation sheet, countersigned by the Director of MAISEL SudParis.


By adhering to this charter and the Statutes of the Association, each person concerned explicitly undertakes to comply with the following principles, for the purpose of complying with and requiring others to comply with the essential elements of the social pact which links the members of the Association:

a) Respect for living quarters

Members undertake to keep the premises in a perfect state of upkeep and cleanliness and to use them only in a peaceful manner in accordance with their purpose.

Members may not therefore make any modification either to their fittings or to their equipment.

The member undertakes not to use or store, in any place within the establishments of MAISEL SudParis, noisy or dangerous equipment, regardless of its use; explosive or inflammable products; alcoholic drinks (this prohibition does not apply to the Foyer-Détente building, which has a licence, provided that this licence is complied with), or narcotics.

In the "Foyer-Détente", the bar is authorized to sell beverages under the licence which the President of the Student Union (the “BDE”) has obtained.

Storing beverages for sale and/or use for student activities is only allowed in the Foyer-Détente in an area which the MAISEL has designated; the President of the Student Union is the holder of the licence and responsible for all stockage, but the MAISEL reserves the right to control all management of said beverages.

In certain common areas and upon a resident’s request to the Director of MAISEL SudParis, the consumption of beverages known as “Group 2” (fermented, non-distilled such as - but not limited to - wine, cider, liqueurs, sweet wine, Cassis, alcoholised fruits juices, etc.) may be allowed only if the event organiser assumes all responsibility for the event’s participants and agrees to ensure the event takes place according to the rules and regulations of this Charter.
The event organiser(s) must furnish to the MAISEL a list describing the type and quantity of all beverages, the number of participants involved and a guaranty to respect and use the premises so as to avoid all damages and misuse.

Members must:

• respect the physical integrity, work, well-being and rest of all other members and staff of the MAISEL

• respect everyone’s need for rest and sleep between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

• abstain from organising, either in the room allocated to them or in another room, "parties" or other recreational activities involving noise because of the number of participants or the consumption of alcoholic drinks or any harmful or narcotic substances.

• return as soon as possible the equipment placed at the joint disposal of residents, such as vacuum cleaners, etc.

• abstain from throwing any object of any kind whatsoever out of the windows, or placing any object on the ledges of these windows and/or balconies.

• abstain from placing objects in the shared areas.

• remove household refuse by means of the equipment provided and in the premises provided (bulky refuse must be placed directly in the containers provided). Bulky objects and other objects not classified as household refuse must be removed by their owners: failing this, MAISEL will have them removed at the expense of the residents concerned.

• not hang washing in the rooms, at the windows or on the balconies. The installing of separations of any kind whatsoever on the railings of the balconies is prohibited.

• not to modify, neutralise or clutter the safety devices, ventilations and aerations in any way whatsoever, undertaking to comply with the safety instructions displayed within the residence.

• to respect the guidelines concerning security posted through the residences/buildings.

• to close all windows in the rooms and common areas when empty or when windy and to close the shutters in case of a prolonged absence.

• not to use electrical equipment which may be detrimental to the safety of property and persons (hot plates, microwaves, ovens, electric heaters, etc.).

b) Specific points concerning individual rooms or other places for personal use:

Members allocated temporary accommodation undertake:

• to allow the Director of MAISEL SudParis or his representative accompanied by a Maisel employee to enter the premises made available to him, in order to make any control of safety of property and persons, and members obligations,

  • In any event, a member’s right does not, in any circumstances, allow her/him to deny the Director of MAISEL SudParis, or her/his representative, to enter an apartment/lodging for reasons related to security, personal and physical well-being, the implementation of this Charter. All members agree to allow the Director of MAISEL SudParis, or her/his representative to enter their apartment, even at night, in the event of an emergency or danger,

• to facilitate access during the day (8.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.) for any person representing MAISEL for service and safety purposes, and for workers responsible for performing the maintenance or improvement work ordered by MAISEL,

• to personally occupy the premises made available, and not to allow them to be occupied by any other person, even temporarily or partially, either free of charge or in return for payment,

• not to accommodate any outside party, even temporarily, for any reason whatsoever, without the explicit permission of the Director of MAISEL SudParis,

• not to install any heating equipment or equipment for cooking, comfort or care purposes without the explicit permission of the Director of MAISEL SudParis, or to attach antennas of any nature, whatever their purpose, in any manner whatsoever on the balconies or the outside walls.

  • The MAISEL staff may confiscate all such equipment up to the resident’s departure. In effect, the over-use, be it illegal or incorrect, of such equipment (particularly those which use a lot of energy) are dangerous for over-all security and seriously compromise the integrity of all (see non exhaustive list of devices in the appendix attached to this Charter).

• to take personal responsibility for the cleaning of the private areas temporarily made available to them, together with the upkeep of any equipment supplied by MAISEL; they must also ensure that the shared and/or partly shared areas are kept in good condition,

• not to transfer furniture belonging to MAISEL from one room to another, either in the bedrooms or in the shared premises,

• not to modify the locks on the doors of the semi-private or shared premises,

• not to change the existing security fittings, notably by alteration or modification of the locks or adding other locks,

• in case of loss of keys, to pay the cost of changing the lock barrel and of the new keys,

• not to bring an animal of any kind onto the premises of MAISEL,

• to remain responsible for her/his lodging as well as the furniture and other fixtures found therein. Under no circumstances does the member or anyone else have the right to modify the interior of any apartment/lodging or common area, including bedding.

Any member who has violated the rules indicated above by incorrect behaviour, must cease such behaviour immediately when called upon to do so by the Chairman, a member of the Committee, including the MAISEL Manager or their representative, without prejudice to any disciplinary action which may be taken against him/her.

In the event of refusal to comply with this essential rule, or in the event of repeated offences, the Committee of the Association may déclare the immediate expulsion of the person concerned, who must, even in case of appeal, vacate the premises and remove all his belongings of his own accord, without delay, as a protective measure.

c) Civil liability – Insurance

The member undertakes to take out ail necessary insurance policies covering his/her personal property.

In the event of involvement in an accident of any kind whatsoever, and regardless of its origin, any member wholly or partly responsible for damage explicitly relinquishes the right to take action against MAISEL SudParis if (s)he is personally held criminally liable or liable due to negligence.

The member is responsible for all damages caused to other members and the MAISEL administration/staff. All damages and loss, including keys, are subject to an estimate by the MAISEL Administration to cover replacement/repair costs which will be charged directly to the member(s) liable for such damages/loss.

Every member is responsible to handle any and all processes concerning any insurance claim.

The MAISEL is not liable for any thefts.

d) Vehicles - car parks - insurance

Any member owning and/or using a (two-wheel or four-wheel) land motor vehicle must comply with the regulations in force in the geographical areas in which MAISEL SudParis exercises its authority.

Members must therefore park any vehicle of any kind only in the places allocated for this purpose.

Members who own and/or use a motor vehicle on MAISEL premises must provide proof of a legal insurance policy when requested to do so by a member of the Committee.

Members may not, without permission, carry out any disassembly, mechanical or bodywork operations on their vehicles or vehicles belonging to others in the areas for which MAISEL is responsible.

If a vehicle is abandoned, in a wrecked state or otherwise, MAISEL reserves the right to have the vehicle removed so that it can be kept in public or private guarded area, at the expense of its owner or user.

Maisel cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for break-ins or thefts committed in the car parks.

e) Fluids, telephone, internet

Since MAISEL guarantees for its members (but only within the establishments) the availability of electricity and light sources, heating
and access to the telephone network, members undertake on their part to make moderate and prudent use of these and to be careful with the equipment placed at their disposal.

Members cannot claim any damages or other compensation for maintenance and repairs to telephone, water, heat or Internet services, including interruption or cancellation of such services when due to the service providers.

A broad-band internet connection is available to all members who belong to the student association MiNET, which is responsible for managing the local network

  • Reminder: all downloading of illegal and protected property will result in prosecution, including suspension/cancellation of access to the network.

Where applicable, members must regularly pay for the telephone calls (s)he has made (without paying any standing charge).

Reverse charge calls charged to MAISEL are strictly prohibited and will lead to immediate penalties.

f) Departure

When members have to leave MAISEL permanently, they must of their own accord, and in any event at the request of the Director of MAISEL SudParis or his/her representative, return any keys or badges which have been given to them, after becoming a member, at the time of their arrival in one of the MAISEL establishments. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in penalties.

g) Abandonment of a personal object

If personal belongings have been abandoned by members for a long period, either in MAISEL premises used for shared purposes or in their own room, the person in charge of the establishment under the responsibility of the Director of MAISEL SudParis will draw up an inventory of these belongings and keep them at their presumed owner’s disposal for a maximum period of six months, either in a room set aside for this purpose or in a furniture depository at the expense of their owner.

Beyond this period, the property concerned will be handed over to a charitable organisation if use can be made of it, or if not it will be destroyed.


In the event of violence or assault against persons or property within the establishments for which MAISEL is responsible, the person committing these acts, whether accommodated or not, may be subject to a penalty imposed immediately by the Committee of the Association at the proposal of the Director of MAISEL SudParis, as a protective or final measure.

The MAISEL will bill all damages noted within the apartment/lodging attributed to the member according to a scale which the MAISEL has established and communicated to the member.

All damages to the common areas, and whose authors are unknown, will be billed to all members according to the estimates for replacement costs, including labor.


In the event of violation of any of the obligations specified in articles 10 and 11 of the present agreement, the member responsible may in ail cases be subject to a penalty which may include expulsion, on the initiative either of the Committee or of the President alone.

However, in the event of dispute, the person concerned may appeal against the penalty which has been imposed on him/her or against any disciplinary decision of the Committee, either by lodging an application for review with the Committee of the Association, without forms or deadlines, or by appealing to the Board of Directors at a DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE meeting, in accordance with the stipulations of the Internal Regulations of the Association, and within the framework of a simplified procedure in which defence rights will necessarily be respected.


To guarantee compliance with the specific obligations placed on members who are allocated accommodation at their request, these members shall pay as a deposit, prior to entering the establishment, a sum set by the Committee of the Association which may not exceed twice the amount of the monthly fee paid by the person concerned.

When an active member has caused difficulties during a previous stay in MAISEL, or caused costs for the cleaning or repair of the premises or shared property of the Association or of third parties, the amount of the deposit payable may be doubled.

In case of termination of membership, the deposit will be returned by MAISEL SudParis, at the latest within two months of the actual departure of the member, subject to the following reservations:

• after deduction of the amount of costs caused through the fault of the member,

• and in the event of these costs being disputed by the person concerned, except in the case of an amicable settlement, by application of a final judicial decision establishing where appropriate the amounts to be paid by the parties.

This Charter appended to the MAISEL statutes shall be complied with and applied fairly and of their own accord by the members of the Association who undertake to respect it.

For certified copies,
The President of MAISEL SudParis


Appareil électrique
Electric device


Puissance maximale autorisée
Maximum electric power authorized
Plaques électriques
Electric plates
Radiateur soufflant
Electric heater
Fer à repasser
Electric iron
Grille pain
Résistance chauffante
Heating resistors
Si équippé
If equipped
Micro onde sans grill
Microwave oven without grill
900 W
Friteuse électrique
French fry maker
Sèche cheveux
2 Kw
Bouilloire, Théière
Kettle, Teapot
2 Kw
Machine à café expresso
Expresso coffe machine
1,5 Kw
Coffe machine
1 Kw
Mixeur fruits
1 Kw
Cuiseur riz vapeur
Rice steamer
1 Kw
Lampe halogène
Halogen light
150 W

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