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Article published on 12 March 2022
last modification on 29 June 2022

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Your adhesion to the MAISEL SudParis becomes effective upon the acceptance of a lease contract (see Lease contract specimen).
This contract obliges also the tenant to respect the MAISEL SudParis Charter and By-laws that you need to read carefully.

Administrative Formalities:
As a general rule, please refer to the office hours to see the MAISEL staff. For problems linked to financial aid, please make an appointment with MAISEL’s Management directly.

Bedding kit:
In each room the bedding include the mattress and its protection only; a full bedding kit (sheets, covers, pilow, etc...) is proposed as an option (see housing rates), its cleaning is under the sole responsibility of the resident.

All residents must inform the MAISEL desk at least one month in advance of the date of their departure : they have to schedule an inspection with the MAISEL technical staff on the day of their departure. In case of termination of the lease, the resident must comply with a one month’s upon notice to the Director of Maisel according to the lease contract. Upon departure, the apartment must be clean and any contrary condition will result in billing the resident for cleaning charges; any damages or missing furnishings will be billed to the resident.

Emergency numbers:
A list of emergency, and other useful numbers, appear on the back of the entry door to each apartment. A list is also displayed beside the MAISEL desk entry.
For emergencies only, during weekends and the week, you may obtain the help of a technician by dialing 4071.

Entry codes:
All residence halls have an access code which each resident will receive in the form of a badge upon arrival. All residents must surrender the badge upon departure.

Financial Aid (“APL-ALS”): Financial aid for housing, funded by the “CAF”, according to the legal status and resources of each resident. Residents may obtain information from the MAISEL Office which will help each eligible resident to establish a formal request.

Having a guarantor is mandatory, foreign guarantors are accepted in respect to the conditions of the Guarantor commitment certificate: The guarantor commits to paying all unpaid housing fees in case of failed payment of the resident. If past due housing fees remain still unpaid one week after a formal notice to pay sent by registered letter, the resident can loose his/her MAISEL membership. If the guarantor does not pay instead, and if the French procedure of recovery is not applicable in the guarantor’s country, then the loss of the MAISEL membership of the resident becomes effective and as a consequence, the obligation for him/her to leave the MAISEL immediately.

Rental liability insurance is required; in the case of furnished accommodation, home insurance is compulsory because you are fully responsible for any damage caused during your stay and any damage to your accommodation; moreover, MAISEL SudParis cannot be held responsible in the event of theft or damage.

Keys / badge:
In case of loss, all residents must immediately contact the MAISEL Office.

Laundry area:
In each building is a laundry area with washing machines and dryers as well as an ironing board and an iron; washing is charged, drying is free.

Mail Services:
To receive mail, all residents must communicate to all correspondents their apartment number. The resident’s apartment number should appear in the return address. The MAISEL Office does not accept for occupants letters sent via return receipt requested.

Package Services:
The Maisel Office does not collect the resident’s packages; if your sender uses the Postal services (Colissimo, Chronopost), the postman may drop a collection of goods notice in your mail box.

Parking for bicycles:
Situated in building U5 and building U6, those parkings are access controled; please ask the MAISEL desk to reserve a place.

For security reasons, all peddlers are forbidden on the premises. Should a resident encounter a peddler, please bring it to the attention of the MAISEL staff immediately.

Notices are sent by email and rent must be paid to the MAISEL no later than the 5th of each month.

It is indispensable to respect the rules for safety and security, including the use of all materials and services; any unjustified use of a safety / security device (extinguisher, emergency door unlock, etc...) is severly punished.

Status and Charter:
To know your rights and obligations in the Maisel, please read its bylaws and charter. All residents must respect the rules and regulations described in the bylaws and charter by their acceptance of the lease contract when checking in.

Student Foyer (Foyer associatif):
For student extra curricular activities, groups and associations, please see the Student Union Office or “BDE » (Bureau Des Elèves).

Video surveillance:
On June 12, 2008, the MAISEL Governing Board voted to equip all buildings with a video surveillance system. The project aims to ensure security but also to prevent damage to furniture and other equipment found in the common areas of the buildings. The system aims to prevent robbery and break-ins as well.

The MAISEL first obtained authorization from the French police, who decided that the project did not fall within the jurisdiction of the Commission for Video Surveillance for the Department Essonne. The police specified that the MAISEL was a private entity and not public in the legal sense, although all MAISEL buildings remain subject to Article 9 of the Civil code and Article 226-1 of the Criminal Code.

A declaration concerning the treatment of personal data was sent to the « CNIL » which delivered an acknowledgement of MAISEL’s declaration n°1365032 dated May 19, 2009.

The MAISEL has since progressively equipped its buildings with video surveillance equipment. The project is now completed with video cameras in all common areas. Information screens are located in the entry hall of all buildings, in conformity with law n°95-73 of January 21, 1995, as modified by law 2006-64 of January 23, 2006 and decree n° 96-926 dated October 17, 1996.

For all questions concerning resident rights to their recorded images, please ask the President of the MAISEL SudParis.

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