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Article published on 12 March 2022
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Your adhesion to the MAISEL SudParis becomes effective upon the acceptance of a lease contract according to the following model.

This contract obliges the tenant to respect the MAISEL SudParis Charter and By-laws that we do ask you to read carefully.



The MAISEL SudParis, an association pursuant to the Act 1901, located 5, rue Charles Fourier 91011 Evry Cedex, represented by its Chairman, Mr Yvon ESCOBAR one hand,

& ..., hereinafter called the "tenant" on the other hereinafter called the "tenant" on the other

The MAISEL SudParis, a nonprofit association governed by the law of 1 July 1901, aims to provide, within its facilities for which it is responsible, the lodging of students from the schools Institut Mines Telecom Business School (IMT-BS) and Telecom SudParis (TSP). The MAISEL seeks to provide both moral and material support so that the student’s education takes place under the best possible circumstances. For this purpose the MAISEL SudParis allocates and manages accommodation for student tenants, under the conditions specified below.


It is awarded to ...
from (*) ... until (*) ...

Housing N°...

The tenant has the above accommodation for her/her exclusive and individual use. The tenant promises to refrain from any and all and to comply with rules and regulations of the MAISEL. The tenant further agree to pay all fees, rents and other charges related to this rental, the period (*) being designated above.

  • General case: (*) Starts on the date of the room booking, Ends on: the ending dates for classes for students in the Integrated Master’s (Grande Ecole) programs (Years 1, 2 and 3), the ending dates set by the schools for the MS, MOS, Exchange students, the ending dates requested by the departments for PhD Students and Interns (subject to availability), the ending dates agreed with outside students on the basis of their academic curriculum (subject to availability). Those ending dates are default dates that should be updated according to the true departure dates as detailed in clauses 4 & 5.
  • Particular case: (*) Start and end dates on a specific agreement secured with the MAISEL SudParis.

This room allocation is in no way final and can, at any time, be modified, according to the needs of the MAISEL. In the case of a room change, be it a room, studio or apartment, as a result of the Departure of one or several co-tenants, for reasons outside the control of the MAISEL, the tenant agrees to pay her/his full share of the accommodation.

The award of a lodging is in no way legally binding upon the MAISEL beyond the principles defined in its charter. The lodging allocated expires on the very last date of the rental period defined above or as modified between the tenant and the MAISEL.


Upon arrival, and before taking occupation, the tenant must pay the MAISEL a security deposit of 500 €.

The MAISEL will refund the security deposit after the tenant’s definitive departure by bank transfer and according to Article XIII of the MAISEL’s Operating Charter. Nonetheless, in the event of the tenant’s termination before the term of the contract period, and if the notice period of one month has not been met, the MAISEL will retain the full security deposit.

 This clause is not applicable to temporary residents whose stay is less than 1 month and for which the allocation of housing is subject to a special agreement (i.e. their access to housing does not involve the payment of a deposit).


All tenants must pay a 80 € registration fee to the MAISEL upon arrival. Tenants must also pay a monthly fee of 10 €.

For tenants staying less than one month, the registration fee is reduced to 30 €. The monthly fee of 10 € remains and is payable regardless of the length of stay.

4 - RENT:

For the school year, the amount of the monthly fee shall be ... € ; charges are billed monthly with the tenant responsible for every fortnight (1) (half of the monthly fee) and are due at the latest on the 5th of the next month.

(1) Each month is divided into two fortnights: the 1st to 15th and 16th to the last day of the month

For arrival periods, fortnights are billed as follows: If the student arrives within the seven last days of a full fortnight (2), s/he will pay the per night fee established by the MAISEL (3), if s/he arrives on any other day of that fortnight, s/he will pay the full fortnight.

(2) Arrival date between the 9th to 15th included, or between the 7th day before the last day of the month and the last day of the month included
For the month of departure, the last invoice is calculated on the basis of the monthly housing fee in proportion to the number of nights spent until the date of checkout.

(3) The per night rate for the academic year is 25 €.

The default date of departure is the ending date of course, the tenant can:

  • leave sooner within the conditions of clause 5.
  • leave eventually later by making a request at least 15 days in advance, subject to room availability but the lease cannot be extended beyond august the 14th of the academic year for all students whose courses end before this dead line.

 This clause is not applicable for tenants staying less than one month, the amount of their fee will be calculated on a specific night rate basis.


In accordance with articles in the Operating Charter and the Articles of Association, the MAISEL may terminate this lease.

The tenant may terminate the lease, subject to compliance with a one month’s upon notice to the Director of MAISEL by either registered mail return receipt requested or by hand-delivery letter that the MAISEL Director must as proof of receipt. On expiry of the notice period, the participant will forfeit any right to occupancy.

If the notice period of one month is not met, the tenant is responsible for the rent and monthly fees corresponding to the one month period except upon written proof of academic exclusion.

 This provision is not applicable to tenants whose stay is less than one month period.

I, the undersigned,

Do hereby certify that I am fully aware of both the Charter of the MAISEL and all relevant Bylaws, Rules and Regulations. I understand the meaning, sense and significance of the above and I accept to respect and fully adhere to them.

At Evry, ...

The Director of MAISEL SudParis,

Read and Understood,
Tenant’s signature

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